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Sacred Geometry

Anonymous asked: How long you've been a vegan?


It was a gradual process with things falling to place as time went on.  I had been a vegetarian until the 90’s when Ralph Nader was on the Phil Donahue show and mentioned that factory farmed dairy cows milk contained pus and the pus could not be removed.  I decided then to go dietary vegan.  As time passed other and more substantial reasons reinforced and rounded my veganism.   My spiritual path lead me to deepen my compassion and connection with animals.  Seeing the so called “hard-to-watch” videos strengthened my views on animal rights issues.  Information on the degree to which a meat-based lifestyle is eroding the environment in a time of climate change and scientific predictions of mass extinction and, how it’s impact is far greater than people are willing to face, strengthened my environmental commitment to veganism.  Knowing how much crop-producing land and potable water is wasted to feed slaughter animals when people are starving is another issue.  It’s all come together like a perfect storm.

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“At any moment, you have a choice, that either leads you closer to your spirit or further away from it.”

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A Witch by Starlight

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